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We can offer you a custom designed artwork.

You might decide to go with this option if you can’t quite find a design that you like. Or maybe you’d like to have a unique piece of artwork on your wall that nobody else has seen before.  

So how does custom design work?

With custom design we are starting the creative process from scratch.  I will design a piece of artwork for you that specifically meets your needs.  This will take into account:

The creative process will be a lot more consultative, and it is likely that there will be regular contact back and forth to discuss the layout, size, colours etc.  

There are two package options in relation to custom designed artwork, those being:

Option 1 - Online Design Consultation       $100.00 (excluding print costs)

This option provides you with the opportunity to have a custom designed artwork, but keeping the price to a minimum by doing some of the measurement and image work yourself.

I would require an email to be sent including four images for the area, one for each wall (i.e. north, south, east and west) to show the colour scheme and furniture layout of the room.  I would also require rough measurements of the area, and any key pieces of furniture.

The Online Design Consultation includes:

Option 2 - In Home Design Consultation     $175.00 (excluding print costs)

This option provides you with the opportunity for me to travel to your home for a half hour in-home consultation.  This consultation provides you with the opportunity to discuss in detail the specific needs of your artwork.  It also provides the necessary time for me to take all the necessary notes and measurements required to complete the design process.

The In Home Design Consultation includes:

A mini version of your print will be mailed to you for final signoff.

Please contact us here to start the creative process associated with a custom designed artwork.

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